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Introducing MOBIUS - the engine that drives our super flexible data management solutions.


After speaking to 800 senior professionals across multiple organisations, we identified three main challenges that hindered performance when working with data:

fragmented data streams


Fragmented data streams

slow data retrieval


Slow data retrieval

increased workflow demands


Increased workflow demands

MOBIUS solves these challenges by acting as a control layer across multiple complex databases. This means that we can give rapid access to all your data via highly flexible user interfaces designed specifically for your workflow environment.

The outcome is more time, less cost, and a higher standard of informed decision-making from your team.

Feature list


Access multiple data streams

Comprehensive system integration through one simple interface


Timeline technology

View multiple data sources in context with our Facebook-like timelines


Supports multiple file types

Upload, store and view video, images and audio files


Mobile Device Compatibility

Native iOS and Android applications ensure you can access information on the move


Powerful search tools

Search across multiple systems to mine data with precision


Full audit trail

Trace who has viewed what, where and when, as well as what they did (CESG CLAS approved)


Compliant scanning

BS10008 certification ensures paper records can be destroyed once scanned


Electronic forms

Create customised electronic forms and graphs to capture new data


Digital workflows

Custom workflows for departments to simplify and streamline repetitive tasks


Custom User Permission

Restrict access to sensitive documents and prevent prying eyes


24/7 Customer Support

Live support from our development team ensures you will never be left in the dark


Intuitive interface design

Industry specific, customised interfaces that are simple and intuitive


For healthcare

Deployed in some of the largest hospitals in the UK, UNITY provides rapid access to huge volumes of patient records, helping you to make the right clinical decisions.

Case Studies

fortrus legacy

For legal services

Quickly and easily contextualise complex case information with our bespoke system designed specifically for document intensive legal organisations.

Case Studies


For insurers

Process claims with ease and speed with simplified search, view and analysis tools - it's the ultimate solution for insurers trying to manage big data.

Case Studies


For financial companies

Coordinate massive volumes of legacy statements with complex financial data using our specially designed finance software.

Case Studies


fortrus labs

Fortrus Labs

Turn ideas into reality with our
specialist innovation team



Gain from our wealth of knowledge
and experience

project management

Project Managment

Ensure your project is implemented

interface design

Interface Design

Build a software interface that works
for users, not against them

paper to data solutions

Paper to data solutions

Become a paperless organisation and
join the digital revolution

mobile solutions

Mobile Solutions

Roll-out groundbreaking mobile

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