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We always welcome opportunities to work with healthcare institutions - they're a very important part of our client base. We've developed a close relationship with the NHS who use our software and expertise to implement compliant data management systems across the UK.

  • nhs trust

    Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

    Fortrus is delighted to announce that we will be providing a managed service for Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust (NUH) for their Trust-wide programme to create a Digital Health Record (DHR) constructed from scanning paper medical records and amalgamating patient demographic data, structured data from a multitude of hospital systems, and other information sources. The project initially kicked-off with deployment to the Nottingham Children’s Hospital in order to validate the approach and solution, as well as to provide empirical data for supporting the overall business case. Ultimately, the objective through working in close partnership, is to deliver a DHR that can be accessed across Nottinghamshire by various organisations, both Government and Private.

  • nmuh

    North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust

    North Middlesex University Hospital (NMUH) is one of London’s busiest acute hospitals, serving more than 350,000 people living in Enfield and Haringey and the surrounding areas, including Barnet and Waltham Forest.

    Fortrus are delighted to have been selected by NMUH for the provision of a new Electronic Document Management System (EDMS), which will form part of the Trust wide EMR project to be fully digital by 2017 at the very latest, ensuring all patient records are digitally available at the point of care. The Unity solution will initially be deployed in Paediatrics, enabling users to access digitised patient records amalgamated with patient attendance information. By providing an augmented timeline view and numerous tools for navigating and searching the record, the solution will help clinicians make better informed decisions for patient care.

  • lwnhs

    Liverpool Women's NHS Foundation Trust

    With 8,500 births every year, Liverpool Women's Hospital is the largest of its kind in Europe. Working in such a busy clinical environment, hospital staff were in desperate need of a data system that would give them immediate, flexible access to patient records from any location.

    In 2014, the hospital went live with a unique EDMS system based on Fortrus' innovative Unity solution. After digitising the hospital's entire paper records system, we combined patient data with specialist system like X-rays, ultrasounds and blood work to deliver a comprehensive patient profiling system.

    This Electronic Patient Record now gives approved staff access to detailed information from anywhere in the hospital on both desktop and mobile platforms.

    With the new system in place, staff are finally released from the chore of record administration. The process of locating, tracking, preparing and auditing files is now fully automated, more than doubling the amount of time staff can spend face to face with patients.

  • stg

    St. George's NHS Trust

    Fortrus is delighted to announce that we have been chosen to execute a brand-new integrated electronic document management solution for St George's alongside 6PM and EMC.

    Following a stringent (but successful!) tender process on the Government Procurement Services framework, Fortrus will be implementing 6PM's online Intelligent File and Inventory Tracking software with advanced Radio Frequency Identity tagging on paper records.

    With our automations in place, the team will immediately start saving time and money on locating, tracking, retrieving, auditing and re-filing active health records.

    Fortrus will be implementing UNITY - our specialist clinical management software - on the trust workstations and iPad devices, giving the team comprehensive data access and analysis on the go. Clinicians can use UNITY to access patient history timelines and view records by attendance, type, date or speciality, giving them total control over their data.

    This means less time spent on administrative chores and more time doing what they do best - caring for patients.

  • btuh

    Basildon and Thurrock NHS Trust

    Four years ago, Basildon and Thurrock Trust kept their 68 million pages of historical paper records in an aircraft hanger-sized warehouse. Today, Fortrus provides them with the same information from a 34 terabyte storage database a little bigger than a fridge freezer. Our data management system saves them an annual £2.6 million - money which is now being spent on improved service to patients.

    The B&T trust was the first live implementation of a complete paper to data solution in an NHS hospital. We processed 446,000 patient records into our UNITY electronic medical record (EMR) viewer, including test results, appointment times and complete medical histories. This data is now immediately available to staff 24/7.

    3000 NHS staff have been trained to use UNITY at Basildon and Thurrock, which has an average of 165 professionals using it at any given time. Our implementation team phased the system in gradually by speciality under the guidance of experienced clinicians like Dr. Ian Linehan:

    "Most NHS systems are brought in and inflicted on us...this time we were asked what we wanted" - Dr. Linehan, consultant surgeon.

  • sept

    South Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust

    SEPT is one of the most successful NHS partnership trusts in the country. They use their annual turnover of £324 million to provide mental health, learning disability, social care and community support services to over 200 different locations.

    Their challenge for Fortrus was to combine these various data streams into one comprehensive record system that included digitised paper files. With live patient records updated all the time, SEPT needed a solution that would be accessible 24/7 and up and running as soon as possible.

    We drew on our massive experience in the health sector to rapidly adapt UNITY to this new clinical data environment. Fortrus are now moving forward to execute a complete, integrated digital care record for SEPT well ahead of their Government deadlines.

    "I have found the implementation of [UNITY] invaluable in allowing me to provide rapid access to patients who may be experiencing early warning signs of relapse, as I can reference their notes immediately...It has allowed [our team] to develop a very responsive service which has been very well received by patients." - Dr Llewellyn Lewis, deputy medical director for Essex.

  • rlb

    Fortrus Ltd are delighted to announce that we will be working in Partnership with Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospital NHS Trust, to provide the Trust and its patients with a Paper Free Health Record (PFHR) solution.

    Fortrus will be developing a bespoke software application specifically for the Trust - the RLBUHT Paper Free Health Record (PFHR). The PFHR will enable clinicians to access digital medical records that consist of structured and unstructured data. The Trust currently hold hundreds of thousands of paper medical records and many thousands of paper forms. The scope of this project will enable the Trust to transition from paper-based working methods to digital ways of working.

    Fortrus are the leading provider to the NHS of ‘User Experience' software design and development. Pioneers of ‘Genius Design’, Fortrus will engage Clinicians, non-clinical users, and external organisations who require access to the PFHR.

    Key to the success of this bespoke software development programme is the resultant User Experience, put simply; the user’s experience must be intuitive, performant and easy to understand. Fortrus will engage users through a Research and Development approach whereby user research is conducted at the point of care. Inefficient processes will be identified and innovation will be used to design the software in such a way as to improve the user’s access to information as well as their ability to record information about a patient.

    This Research and Development approach does not terminate once the PFHR system has been implemented and live, it is a continual process that enables the PFHR to evolve over time and constantly meet the needs of future changes, whether that be NHS compliance regulation changes, or meeting the needs of the business drivers for RLBUHT and its clinicians.

    The PFHR is not only a software application; it is also a multitude of technologies and services brought together by Fortrus to deliver an outcome.

  • dorset

    Dorset County Hospital have contracted with Fortrus for the delivery of a Digital Patient Record which will provide users with a single view of a patient’s clinical information. Fortrus’s Unity solution will provide a single point of access to multiple clinical information systems that exist within the Trust currently as well as digitised records originating from paper and to new dynamic eforms. Access will be from both desktops and mobile devices. The Fortrus approach to solutions design engages clinicians in the design and deployment process from day-one. This ensures adoption by the user communities as they work with Fortrus to design data entry screens to meet their day to day needs, aligned to new business processes

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Our teams have worked with a number of local councils and government institutions to implement document management solutions. With an increasing push to go 'go-digital' our activity within this sector is on the increase.

  • Ashford Borough Council

    Ashford Borough Council

    Ashford's planning department was inundated with paper documents; over 5 years' worth of backlogged data was clogging up their workflow and making data sorting and retrieval increasingly difficult. They needed a paperless system that would allow planners to view of a range of document types, from standard text to forms and scalable images.

    Over a period of 12 months, Fortrus helped them speed up the council planning process by over 400% with a total digitisation of their records system.

    We stored over 30 million documents including planning applications, decision notices, appeals and size A0 plans. With the paper records destroyed we were able to install an up-to-date filing system - a custom built planning portal that gave instant access to comprehensive project data.

    The digitisation cut down on storage costs and saved much needed office space. The council were so pleased with the results that they asked Fortrus to help them upload incoming data on a weekly basis.



We know insurance because we've worked with some of the UK's largest providers. Drawing on our vast experience, we'll transform your outdated legacy system into a highly efficient claims analysis tool.

  • royal

    Royal London Group

    The Royal London Group was beginning to struggle with a document system rapidly approaching obsolescence. They have selected Fortrus to bring their processes up to date alongside Laserfiche Rio and Gartner - one of the world's leading IT analyst groups.

    The new system was to sit within Royal London's protection insurance business, Bright Grey, in their busy consumer division. After a rigorous selection process against a number of competitors, Fortrus was chosen to work on design, delivery, technical support and the establishment of best practice patterns throughout the upgrade process.

    The new system built by the partnership was fast, efficient and far more user friendly than the original. By the time we were done, Fortrus had migrated over 14 million documents from the original legacy system, including metadata for easy search and maintenance.

    The migration took us a total of two weeks.



  • autoglass


    Autoglass asked Fortrus for a system that would enable them to streamline their financial processes across their entire accounts department. We overclocked the department workflow by giving them the power to digitise their own records using barcode and form recognition.

  • Interroll


    Our scanning and data management solution allowed Interroll to speed up invoice processing, open up their data to suppliers, and allow access to parts manuals online.

  • Defence Support International

    Defence Support International

    DSI was in desperate need of a robust digitisation solution that allowed images and documents to be searched, viewed and shared all within a water-tight secure system. We brought them our Electronic Content Management and Scanning Service.

  • Insafe Security

    Insafe Security

    Insafe cleared massive paper records shelf space, reduced costs and streamlined their service through the simple implementation of our Electronic Content Management system.

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