Our Vision

We envision a digital world where data moves to the rhythm of the user, not the other way around.

genius design

Fortrus systems are different because we start our design process with you - the wizard working the machine. Our front-end design runs parallel to the nuts and bolts development, and we roll out a system that's optimised specifically for your unique purpose. This is our Genius Design Process; a system pioneered through our years of experience in managing user engagement.
It empowers staff to effortlessly gather the information they need using a system that just works...beautifully.

Our Process

discovery & ideation

Discovery & ideation

user research

User research

customer journey mapping

Customer journey mapping

competitive analysis

Competitive analysis

creating service blueprints

Creating service blueprints



user journey analysis

User journey analysis



product walkthrough

Product walkthrough

stakeholder engagement

Stakeholder engagement

interaction and interface design

Interaction and interface design




Key staff

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